Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some new things

I've been very busy, and so I didn't blog about a few things I was planning to write about. Like this highly enjoyable workshop on the Genizah.

JNUL is going to launch tomorrow a digitised version of the Nurnberg Mahzor. I don't know much about it, other than that it was in Nurnberg itself until after World War II, when Zalman Schocken convinced the city to give it to him as compensation. Recently it was sold - apparently to Dr. David and Yemima Jesselson. By the way, Jesselson also recently acquired a stone with a Hebrew prophecy from Herodian times. It was published in Kathedra 123.
Anyway, the Nurnberg Mahzor is a famous illuminated manuscript and it will now be online, like the Worms Mahzor.

UPDATE: The website is here. It includes some descriptions of the manuscript, with a new Hebrew translation of Ziemlich's German article from 1886 (unfortunately, there is a spelling mistake in the second word of the article!).

Shulamit Elitsur just published a new book. The title is Lamah Tsamnu, and it contains a critical edition of Megillat Taanit Batra. The publisher is the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, but it isn't on their website yet.

UPDATE: My mistake. Her book was published by the World Union of Jewish Studies and is distributed by Magness Press.

Daniel Sperber also has a new book, on women's Torah reading.


Blogger DafKesher said...

I couldn't find the book in their catalog, nor at their shvua hasefer stall. Maybe they're taking their time with it.
Mazel tov on your latest robed achievements!

2:22 AM  
Blogger DafKesher said...

Also, after reading the translation, I seem to think some proofreading would have done it good. It wasn't typos - it was full of embarrassing spelling mistakes and bad Hebrew. The national library could have done better.

12:57 AM  

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