Wednesday, February 21, 2007

how does one go about getting photocopies of Manuscripts from JNUL?

In answer to this anonymous question:

1. Have some idea of what you are looking for.
2. Visit the JNUL website and and open their catalogue.
3. From the dropdown list of databases, choose Manuscripts.
4. Search by title, author, microfilm number (prefaced by f) or manuscript number. For this last option you need to use their abbreviations for the different libraries. It takes some getting used to.
5. When you know what you want, having noted down the name of the library, the film number - and, if you want only a specific section of a manuscript, the page numbers, you can email the Institute and work it out with them.
6. Chances are, you'll need to get permission from the library which holds the actual manuscript. The addresses are here.


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Blogger DafKesher said...

Two notes should be added:
1. There are photostats of most of the geniza collections.
2. Photocopying from microfilm is quite expensive, at least compared to copying from paper.
The staff at the library is quite helpful and knowledgeable.

2:25 PM  
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