Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pop culture

Aviad found a website which offers the valuable service of taking your site offline for the duration of Shabbat. There are several discussions of this issue in the fifth volume of Be-Mareh ha-Bazak (Jerusalem 2003), which seem to say that a) unless the website is taking money for a single transaction, there is no problem with leaving it up over Shabbat. b) even if it is, if most of the users are not Jewish, there is no need to take it down because of the possibility of Jews using it.
Avakesh has a video about preparing for Pesach.
And Shmuel Ben-Artzi (father of Hagai and Sara) has published a novel about Novardok.


Anonymous zal said...

We recently went live with which sells downloadable mp3 lectures. Since monetary transactions are immediately processed and funds transferred into the recipient's account, we close down every Shabbos (approximate EST times). This is done automatically with a cron script. If anyone needs details on how to do this for their own site, they can feel free to contact me via the Contact Us page (the site is based on oscommerce, but the technique is easily adaptable to other sites.)

6:56 PM  
Blogger Menachem Butler said...

There was an article in the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, with an exchange of letters, about this topic.

2:42 PM  

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