Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Assimilated to the blogosphere

Just in time to qualify as a YCT blogger, Yonah has started a blog called Thinking Outside the OrthoBox. He promises to write about lemmings. I look forward to edification and inspiration.

Beit Morasha has published a volume in honour of Professor Shalom Rosenberg. Besides being a respected authority on Jewish philosophy (his doctorate was on logic in 14th century Jewish philosophy), he was also one of the disciples of the mysterious Shushani. In fact, according to a story I heard, he devoted himself to philosophy at the urging of Shushani. The volume includes several articles devoted to Shushani - I suspect this may be the first such publication.


Blogger Drew said...

I'm not sure how much Yonah will be blogging - he posted once last spring and once last summer. However, if he would post more often, that would certainly be a joy to read.

5:31 AM  

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