Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The New York Public Library is launching a major exhibition on Christianity, Islam and Judaism. I did some work on choosing the materials for the Judaism bit, so I'm curious to see how it turns out. The exhibition opens October 22nd.

When I was working at the NYPL, I met Prof Shlomo Eidelberg a few times. I learnt this morning that he died, and that his funeral will take place later today. From one of his letters that I read, I realized that he thought of writing his dissertation at Hebrew University with Prof Simha Assaf. In the end he got his doctorate from Yeshiva University, in 1952, and Simha Assaf died in 1953. His dissertation, which was published as a book in 1956, was an edition of the responsa of Rabenu Gershom Meor ha-Golah. תנצב"ה


Anonymous Jen Taylor Friedman said...

Ooh, sharing squee - I'm part of the scriptorium exhibit :D

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