Monday, June 14, 2010


There is an upcoming conference in Jerusalem on Jewish languages. Program here. Most research in Jewish languages is post-medieval, so a lot of it doesn't interest me. But there is a session on Judeo-French, including a lecture by Cyril Aslanov about the Troyes Lament.

Speaking of Judeo-French, Kirsten Fudeman's book on that medieval language and its uses is about to be published (still available for pre-order on Amazon) by Penn Press.
And speaking of France, Nouvelle Gallia Judaica has published another volume of articles. Judith Olszowy-Schlanger's article, 'Deux ketubbot comtadines du Moyen Âge et leurs formules juridiques', sounds interesting.

The other lecture at the languages conference that should be of interest to Talmudists is the Shlomo Morag Memorial Lecture, being delivered by Yohanan Breuer. His lecture is devoted to the fascinating Hilkhot Re'u, a Hebrew translation of the Babylonian Aramaic work Halakhot Pesukot. A doctorate was written about it by Samuel Morell at JTS many years ago, and it is certainly worthy of a fresh look.


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