Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Just when you thought...

A Steinschneider conference at the Jewish National Library. Menachem Mendel, back from vacation, connects him to my previous posts. I've received several thought-provoking responses to my musings this week - thank you to everyone. I'm thinking about what you've said.

I just got a copy of 'Talmud', a French documentary by Pierre-Henry Salfati. When I've seen it, I'll let you know what I think.

I'm also curious to hear reports from the Shamma Friedman festschrift night at the Schocken Institute, and about the ongoing conference at the Institute for Advanced Studies, on Ashkenaz and Science. Anyone who was there, please feel free to send comments and descriptions.


Blogger Menachem Butler said...

Report from the Steinschneider-Jerusalem conference, as well as from the earlier Steinschneider-Germany conference will be posted at the Seforim blog shortly....

4:54 AM  

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