Tuesday, December 18, 2007

German studies of Hebrew manuscripts

Prof. Andreas Lehnardt's recently published study of the Kassel Talmud fragments is available in full-text here. The fragments are from a Spanish manuscript and they contain pages from tractates Pesahim and Yoma.

Moritz Steinschneider's online presence has been significantly augmented by the Jewish National Library's Digitized Book Repository. They seem to have scanned all of his German books, as well as the Hebrew translation of his general work 'Sifrut Yisrael'.

All of which should spur me on to learn German properly. Languages don't come easily to me.

Speaking of which - someone once told me how Prof. Moshe Bar Asher shut himself in a room for a couple of days, and emerged having taught himself Ugaritic. A few weeks ago, I mentioned the appearance of a festschrift in Bar Asher's honour. It is titled Shaarei Lashon. A man with a cold (I hope he's feeling better now) sent me the contents of two out of the three volumes of the festschrift.

Of the many articles in these volumes, I'll mention a few that sounded interesting to me:

Abraham Goldberg - 'Keini Matnita': An Interpretative Remark or a Different Reading?
Joseph Yahalom - 'Homonyms in Hebrew and Judeo-Greek'
Hananel Mack - 'The History of a Hebrew Manuscript'
Mordechay Mishor - 'Hebrew in the Babylonian Incantation Bowls'
Shlomo Naeh - 'Karyana de-Igreta - Notes on Talmudic Diplomatics'
Israel Ta-Shma - 'Remarks on the Early Byzantine Texts from ca. 1000 CE'


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Thank you very much for the links to Steinschneider's works. I've been looking for some of them for years, but to no avail.

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