Monday, December 10, 2007


Menachem Butler is back with a new blog all his own. Stay tuned to Michtavim.

Sotheby's is having an auction of "Important Judaica" next week. It includes several Hebrew manuscripts. A few items that were sold a few years ago at the Montefiore auction. The earliest extant Yemenite Torah scroll. A Yemenite manuscript of Ketuvim by a member of the Benayah family, who were famed for their scribal skills. A Mahzor Roma (a siddur following the rite of Jews in Rome) that belonged until recently to Prof. Ariel Toaff.

(My thanks to Prof. Jordan Penkower for pointing out an inaccuracy in my description of the Benayah manuscript)


Anonymous Yehuda said...

Are there any נביאים on a parchment scroll from the time of the middle ages? Curious to know if anyone before the גר"א read the haftorah from a scroll contaning acomplete נביא since the time if חז"ל.

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