Thursday, October 06, 2005

New volume of Yeshurun

Volume 16 of Yeshurun has just been published. Worth noting here are at least three of the articles. The first is a section of early Tosafot on Shabbat, which is apparently a sample of an extensive manuscript that is going to be published soon by Machon Ofeq. The second is a few pieces of novellae on Shabbat by R. Baruch (the Spaniard or Greek or Syrian - Ta Shema places him in southern Italy in the mid-12th century), extracted from the Judeo-Arabic anthology Sefer Ha-Ner by R. Zecharia Agamati. Further on in this hefty volume is a section of historical research on R. Meir Shapiro, who started the Daf Yomi movement. Also, a debut article by Moshe Dovid Chechik on a 17th century figure named R Binyamin Ha-Dayan.


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