Friday, September 30, 2005

Gossip and Goodies

Gil posted some ethical guidelines for Jewish blogs, courtesy of Asher Meir. Interesting to see how they can be applied to the Aviner Niddah embarrassment.

In Geulah this week I bought a somewhat battered copy of the biography of R. Yitzhak Isaac Yehuda Yehiel Safrin of Komarno. Written by Hayim Yehuda Berl, published by Mossad Harav Kook in 1965.

The Matan journal, Masechet is partially available in full-text here. Having mentioned Hassidut, I recommend the article by Uzy Fuchs (an important young Talmudist) on the Eish Kodesh, Rabbi Kalman Kalonymus Shapira of Piacezna, and his wife, Rachel Haya Miryam. The rabbi, who is best remembered today for having delivered searingly honest speeches to his followers while they were imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto, was widowed in 1937. Uzy demonstrates, in what I thought was a beautiful and touching article, how his memory of his wife coloured his description of feminine characters in the Bible - principally Miryam, whose death is accounted in the Biblical portion of Hukat, which is read at the time of year that his wife died.


Anonymous justme said...

This is wonderful! Thank you for posting it.
I sent the letter describing his wife learning zohar and kabala to the frumteens site ;-) It's interesting to see how unreserved his praise for this is.

9:12 AM  

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