Friday, September 23, 2005


The Jewish National & University Library in Jerusalem is looking for a new Director-General. The principal requirement seems to be "a sympathetic approach to the world of books and academic research, as well as identification with the aims of the change in the Library's status". That last phrase refers to the fact that the library will no longer be part of Hebrew University, though the details of it are beyond me. The ad appeared in English in this morning's IHT-Ha'aretz, but online it seems to be in Hebrew only.

I thought I should mention a couple of new search engines - Google's Blogsearch, which has some nifty features, and a Nestorian search engine (with some Jewish content) mentioned on Paleojudaica.

Speaking of Open Access, I have to mention two other Open Access Jewish projects, both being run by friends of mine. The first focuses on the liturgical texts of the Siddur, and the second is more ambitious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should do it MB, you have the knowledge

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i mamash was going to say the same thing, but first anonymous beat me to it! this job is so for you...

8:55 PM  

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