Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Halacha and Modernity

As I have mentioned, Moshe Samet's collected works were recently published as a book. An evening, under the auspices of Scholion and the hospitality of Yad Ben Zvi, is planned for November 3rd.

Maoz Kahana will speak about the Hatam Sofer. Benny Brown will pick up on that theme and discuss Halacha and modernity from the Hatam Sofer to the Hazon Ish. Shlomo Tychozcinsky is slated to describe the Lithuanian yeshivot in British Mandate Palestine, and Shlomo Deshen will speak (in a second session, on current trends) about the Oriental (Mizrahi) Haredi movement.

Update: After Simcha's speech, Moshe Samet asked about a computer system he had heard of which reveals whether a particular author wrote a particular book. Simcha answered that he had no idea, and Ezra explained that he meant Ben Chorin. So I guess the list of people making the connection with Besamim Rosh includes Samet himself.


Anonymous Menachem Mendel said...

I was lucky enough to be able to pick this up at the WCJS. It just became available a few days before and I begged them to bring a copy for me to buy before I went back to the States. I studied with Prof. Samet a number of years ago. I wrote a paper on R. Yehudah Leib Zirohlson who Prof. Samet wrote about in his article on conversion (pp. 319-340 in the new book), something which I have always been reminding myself that I should work on a little bit more and try and get it published. He was a fascinating posek, definitely one of the most interesting and innovative of the 20th century-IMHO.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous APE said...

can you tell us anything regarding Samet's views on Montefiore and what you make of them it seems he has taken quite an eccentric view of Montefiore.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the "hatzatah me'ucheret" but the following article is probably what was referred to. And Simcha knows about it.

9:14 PM  

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