Sunday, June 26, 2005

Counting scribes

סופרים סופרות

In the rushed few minutes before Shabbat I pulled out my old notes and looked for the pages about R David Oppenheim and his scrivener daughter. Found some, others seem to be missing, and I updated the post.

Tonight I came across another blog that leads to another female scribe. As far as I can tell, Jen is less expansive about her path to writing, but much more generous in her discussion of the halachic questions involved.

So that makes three in the past 200 years. And counting.


Anonymous Jen said...

Hello! I got pointed here by an apparently mutual acquaintance - glad to see you've found me, it's nice when people are interested. I don't tend to put my whole life story online, partly because I do it live as a comedy routine, and partly because it seemed rather self-aggrandizing to put it up unasked-for. Still...maybe I should :) The halachic discussion will be expanded after ketubah season finishes, I'm rushed off my feet right now! So check back in a coupla months.



3:13 PM  

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