Monday, June 20, 2005

Shavua ha-Sefer

Well, I finally made it. Bought the Hebrew version of Mothers and Children, printed two months ahead of schedule! There are a couple of sections I read in the original doctorate, and then again in the English translation. It's a nice book, one of the most interesting recently published in the field of medieval Jewish history, and at the book fair it costs 60 shekels. Check it out. I also chatted with the charming Ronit Meroz and heard some feedback on the blog from an esteemed mentor. I was there with my beautiful sister, for whom the highlight was showing me around the ambulance.

I also got my copy of MT3, for those who were concerned.

In other news, happy birthday to Mobius and to the latest scion of the Rosenberg/sweig clan, son of Elisha and Anat.

And for next week - here is the programme for the Kolech conference.


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