Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Odds and Ends

Look at that! They mention a course I just finished taking at university - apparently, the only course in the History Department on women.

Thanks to the kind help of a couple of my teachers, another item has been ticked off my wish list. And I bought David Golinkin's paleographic work, Ginze Rosh ha-Shana. By the way, the Schocken Institute has just reprinted Robert Bonfil's Hebrew book on the Italian rabbinate.

Happy new month!


Anonymous francine marino said...

I also found the theory unsound considering that Tay Sachs causes massive and global neurological deterioration rendering the child, among other things, profoundly retarded. What intellectual edge did the researchers see in that genetic illness?

I'll go with your explanation.

Keep those enlightening and entertaining nuggets coming!

Francine Marino

4:43 PM  

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