Friday, March 18, 2005

Wish List

Maybe you can help me. I've been trying for a while to get hold of the following books:

1. Sefer Rokeah haGadol, ed. Schneursohn, Jerusalem 1960.
3. Perushim uFesakim leRabbeinu Avigdor haTzarfati, ed. Hershkowitz, Jerusalem 1996.

There are other books I want, of course. MA Friedman's book on Jewish marriage in Palestine, for instance. But I have to go now. Thanks!


Blogger Jeffrey said...

The Pardes is part of the 5-volume reprint set of Sifre- debe-Rashi. I've seen it in Girsa in Zichron Moshe.

J. Woolf

7:32 PM  
Blogger manuscriptboy said...

Thank you! I have that set. But the Pardes there is the Ehrenreich edition. I need the Warsaw one.

11:41 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey said...

Sorry, I read your posting too quickly.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Menachem Mendel said...

manuscriptboy, are you really interested in M.A. Friedman's Marriage in Jewish Palestine? I am at JTS so if you want I can ask the person in charge of the books if an extra copy is lying around. Also, regarding Goldschmidt's Mahzor, give Prof. Avigdor Shinan a call. I seem to remember hearing him say a number of years ago that he might be able to find a copy if someone wanted.

10:07 PM  

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