Monday, April 26, 2010

Sermons by the Jews, for the Finns

The Finnish Roman Institute is hosting a conference, scheduled for February 2011, about Preaching On the Jews, For the Jews and By the Jews. Details here. Note the tone of this paragraph:
In addition to sermons on the Jews or for the conversion of the Jews, we would also love to see papers on preaching by the Jews themselves. How did they try to repel the attacks of the Christian missionary preachers or the hostile attitudes disseminated by the preaching to the general population? To what extent were Jewish sermons meant to force their own religious and cultural identity under the pressures constituted by the Christian majority?

So, if you think you can help - go for it! Besides the coolness of speaking in a building that looks like this, it's an opportunity to bring authentic Jewish voices into a conversation that rarely hears them.


Blogger Jesús said...

Not to mention the chance to have scholarly picnics on the Janiculus Hill, where the Institute stands.

8:37 PM  

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