Monday, April 12, 2010


The Lubavitch library in New York holds a variety of interesting items, but for the most part it has not been accessible to scholars (partly because it has not been microfilmed by the indispensable IMHM). Now, dozens of the items in the library have been described in a beautiful and well-researched catalogue. Part of it is available in the following sample PDF. The sample includes the descriptions of several pages of Talmud (late medieval manuscripts and a Spanish print), and a manuscript of Orhot Hayyim that reflects the later, Majorcan version of that fascinating work.

And version 18 of the Responsa Project disc has been released. It includes two Tosafist commentaries on the Torah (Ba'al ha-Turim and R Hayyim Paltiel), the Cremona edition of Maharam's responsa, and the fascinating halakhic work Sefer ha-Niyyar (from when paper began to replace parchment in France, in the late 13th century).

Finally, a new volume of Ale Sefer. Several interesting articles, including one by Dan on censorship or lack thereof, and an article by Simcha Emanuel about another collection of Maharam's responsa - the Lemberg edition, published by Rabbi RNN Rabinowitz.

And Shavua ha-Sefer hasn't even arrived yet!


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I see this Roth fellow also has a small piece in there

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