Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday I made three purchases. At the Mosad ha-Rav Kook sale, I bought Sefer ha-Gan. The Mosad has been republishing many of their old titles (some of which reflect values that the place no longer embodies - the works of Isaac Breuer, now adopted by Yeshivat Siach; the works of Eliezer Berkovits, now adopted by Merkaz Shalem; the works of Rabbi Shem-Tov Gefen - who knows?). They have now issued a new printing of Sefer Hasidim (the Margaliyot-Bologna edition) with a new index. Besides listing topics, it has a special section listing all the exempla (ma'asiyot). And best of all, they're selling it separately at NIS 5 for those who already have a copy of Sefer Hasidim (or are holding out for the critical edition). So I bought that index too.

And I purchased Version 17 of the Responsa Project. I'm not that interested in any of the newly added responsa, but this version includes the complete text of R Menahem ha-Meiri's Bet ha-Behirah, and R. Mordechai ben Hillel's work. That alone should make it worthwhile. It also has medieval works that you wouldn't want to have to read through, like Malmad ha-Talmidim.


Anonymous Michael P. said...

It's nice to heard the Mossad Harav Kook has republished Eliezer Berkowitz's books.

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