Saturday, February 14, 2009


The indefatigable has uploaded a new batch of books, including some important tools for Talmudists. Baer Ratner's Ahavat Zion vi-Yerushalayim is a collation of textual variants on the Jerusalem Talmud from citations in medieval commentaries. And Michael Higger's Otsar ha-Baraitot catalogues all the baraitot in the Talmudic corpus, trying to track down their parallels and sources. And the first edition of Halakhot Pesukot, published from the Sassoon manuscript by Saliman Sassoon. Not to be confused with its Hebrew translation, known as Hilkhot Re'u, or with the collection of Geonic responsa published as Halakhot Pesukot min ha-Geonim.


Blogger DafKesher said...

You forgot Sheiltot (ed. Mirsky) and Halakhot Gedolot (ed. Hildesheimer), two indispensible editions which are out of print.

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