Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We're slowly settling into our apartment, which is strategically positioned within walking distance of several supermarkets, body shops and schools for Jewish learning. But not a neighbourhood with a lot of English speakers (though there are some, and the ones we have met are extremely nice).

Our interactions with the other people in our building have been limited, but all positive. Still, it seems funny to me that we have now received three copies of Leah Goldberg's book for children, 'Flat to Let', about the tensions between the animals living in an apartment building and the prospective tenants checking out the vacant flat. Here's to the happy ending:
כך בעמק יפה, בין כרמים ושדות
עומד מגדל בן חמש קומות
ובמגדל גרים עד הים
שכנים טובים חיי שלום


Anonymous eliesheva said...

Aw... I loved Katamonim for all it's quirky craziness. I really did and if I had to live in central Jerusalem again, I'd live there again.

Hope you enjoy...

11:32 AM  

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