Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Textual witnesses of the Tosefta

My friend Asaf Pink, who works for the "Primary Textual Witnesses to Tannaitic Literature" project, and who is writing his MA thesis at Hebrew University on Genizah fragments of the Tosefta, will be delivering a lecture at JTS next Tuesday, 27 May, at 10 am. His topic will be the relationship between the two main Tosefta manuscripts, Erfurt and Vienna.

For a previous attempt to delineate that relationship, see Adiel Shremer's article, here. By the way, should anyone think that after Saul Lieberman's edition, there is no work left to be done on the Tosefta, Asaf has told me in the past that there are quite a few fragments of Tosefta that Lieberman did not utilize.


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