Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rashi and Rambam

The JNUL has launched a new site devoted to Rashi. It includes digitized images of several complete manuscripts and rare books, which is wonderful. Of the halakhic writings from the school of Rashi, though, they have only one manuscript - Likute ha-Pardes. This manuscript, however, like almost all other copies of this work, is copied from the printed edition.
(Hat tip to MMDevash)

One of the events of Yom ha-Atzma'ut which often seems obscured by all the haze from the barbecues is the awarding of the Israel Prizes. One of this year's recipients is Gerald Blidstein of Ben Gurion University. He wrote his doctorate on one of the chapters of the Babylonian tractate Avodah Zarah, but most of his work since then has focused on later sources, principally the Rambam. In telling his story, he mentions that when he first came to BGU, he offered three courses. Not a single student registered for any of them.

Fascinating article, based on a book, about Zalman Schocken.

I am heartbroken after hearing this morning that Natan Leibowitz, the husband of my good friend Sharon Negari, died. Since her sister Shiri was murdered in a bus bombing four years ago, Sharon has carried a very heavy load of grief and responsibility. Natan stood by her stoically, helping her raise their daughter Or and shouldering all the tasks that she was daunted by, holding the fort while she travelled the world speaking out in the name of victims of terror.
I don't know what kind of condolences I can offer.


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