Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Books Within Books colloquium - day 1

I arrived in Oxford today for the BWB colloquium at Wolfson College. For tonight, just some brief notes. Andreas Lehnardt described what he's been up to since the last meeting of the various European Genizah searchers. He mentioned an actual genizah of a small synagogue in Mainz that includes some old manuscripts. An Italian ketubah bound inside a Hebrew manuscript in Frankfurt. Mauro Perani mentioned that the Modena fragments of Sifre were finally detached from the books they were binding, just a few weeks ago, revealing that a 16th century owner of the manuscript added the full text of the verses quoted in the Sifre. Unclear why he did that - in preparation for a printed edition of the Sifre? Copying from another manuscript? Or just for his own use?
The geographical range of researchers at this gathering is exciting, as Hebrew fragments crop up in more and more places.


Blogger Jesús said...

Please give my ד"ש מחמות to my usual suspects. Too bad not to be there.

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