Sunday, May 17, 2009

A couple of new articles on Jewish mysticism

The new issue of Shofar includes an article comparing Don Quixote with the Zohar. For more comparisons of Don Quixote with Jewish works, see Hananel Mack, 'Shotim, Meshotetim ve-Don Kishotim', Masekhet 4 (2005). And another, fascinating article, suggesting Jewish literary influence on another Spanish medieval classic - Michelle Hamilton, Rereading the widow : a possible Judeo-Iberian model for the Pseudo-Ovidian "De Vetula" and the "Libro de buen amor", Speculum 82,1 (2007) 97-119.

And an article here comparing the attitudes of Saadya Gaon and Shabtai Donalo to Sefer Yetsira.


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