Monday, April 30, 2012

Ta Shma

The National Library of Israel, which has been holding cultural events on a regular basis for the past year or so, is hosting an evening tomorrow (Tuesday, May 1st at 8pm) in honour of the Israel Ta Shma memorial volume (titled "Ta Shma"). The speakers include Moshe Idel, who will expand upon his lengthy article on the volume on the Star of David. Hagai Ben-Shamai will speak about the newly discovered Afghani "Genizah" (a topic on which Shaul Shaked is speaking tonight at 6.15pm at the Mt Scopus campus of Hebrew University, room 5318). Rav Mayer Lichtenstein will discuss Prof. Ta-Shma's impact on the yeshivot, an audience that Ta-Shma truly identified with. Prof. Ta-Shma's daughter, Ahinoam Jacobs, will speak on behalf of the family.


Blogger Larry Rabinovich said...

Did anyone blog or take notes?


11:55 PM  
Anonymous DF said...

I dont know if you know this, but I cited you in my article on the Rashbam on seforim blog. (It's the second post, just after the current one.)

David Farkas

10:42 PM  

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