Friday, July 03, 2009

Geonim really cheered me up this afternoon with their list of new books. Many items are important, particularly for the literature of the Geonim. For now I'll mention Otzar ha-Geonim, Benjamin Manasseh Lewin's crucial (if imperfect) compendium of Geonic writing on the Talmud. Also, Victor Aptowitzer's Mehkarim be-Sifrut ha-Geonim.

More later, I hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to mention, דקדוקי סופרים...

9:49 PM  
Anonymous andy said...

All we need now is Abramson's "BaMerkazim U'Betzufot"

11:48 PM  
Anonymous andy said...


11:50 PM  

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