Friday, April 22, 2005

Have a joyous festival

Looks like the creative minds of the Jewish people have been hard at work lately - for better and for worse.

And if anyone is planning to bake their matzas on Saturday night, I know some people from 1000 years who would be happy to hear it.

ערב פסח שחל להיות בשבת, אסור לאפות מצה מבערב שבת. הראשונים אמרו משום הידור מצוה הוא. אבל מצינו איסורא דאורייתא, דהא הוקשו מצות לפסח...
When the eve of Passover is Shabbat, it is forbidden to bake matza on Friday. The early ones said this is to venerate the commandment. But we have found that it is a biblical prohibition, because matza is compared in the Talmud to the paschal lamb [which was slaughtered on Nissan 14, in the afternoon, even on Shabbat]
(Sefer haPardes, ed. Ehrenreich, p. 42; Mahzor Vitri, ed. Horowitz, p. 260)


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