Sunday, February 20, 2005


I want Koren Publishers to reprint the Mahzorim that Daniel Goldschmidt produced for the High Holy Days (and which, with the help of his son-in-law, Yona Frankel, was done for Sukkot, Pesah and Shavuot). They are not the most exciting of books, but if you feel like reading critical editions and commentaries on the piyutim that are recited in Ashkenazic communities, or if you're trying to identify a fragmentary piyut ripped out of a medieval manuscript, it's helpful. And long out of print. The three festival volumes, by the way, are still available. Check with the Leo Baeck Institute.
Anyway, if you're interested, send an email. When enough people come forward, I will try to convince the publishers.


Blogger Uri said...

Koren did publish some sort of abbreviation of Goldshmidt's notes on the Yamim Noraim machzor. That said, there ain't nothin like the real thing. I use the copy of Goldshmidt that belonged to my grandfather.

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